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The pandemic brought unforeseen

Change is hard. Ask anyone who has tried to switch careers, 
The coaching industry—expected 

Coaching has become a key ingredient in professional success.

Leadership is a multi-pronged element, in order to make successful leaders, one should be a leader of his/her senses


I was born in Kuwait, lived in the US for almost 20 years and moved back home to Sri Lanka in 2006

A: Culture to us refers to how we go about doing things here at Standard Chartered Bank. It’s what makes our people feel happy and valued.

In my view, the gender gap in the workforce and boardroom should be addressed at the community and corporate levels. This begins with instilling a mindset of confidence in every girl child at a young age and by creating awareness among parents that children of both genders are equally important.

At the corporate level, bridging the gender gap 

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